Innovation and Productivity

Maker was developed using a new concept of software for manage the music library of the radio station. In a few minutes, the user can perform all the procedures needed to generate the musical programming. Its customizable lists and interface and resources to edit the information through drag and drop guarantees that the user a real increase o productivity, turning maker into an indispensable toll. Its innovative characteristics turn it into a smart tool capable of provide the user essential information to accord the programming, easy to understand and full security of the generated data.


New interface

A new interface of programming was developed, allowing the user to customize the size of the panels, guaranteeing the perfect use of the software.

Creation and customization of the reproduction lists

Innovative resources allows the creation and customization of playlists, change and order them, according to the needs of the radio station, without making any changes at the folders where the files are, allowing control the musical library and the musical programming with an agility as never seen before.

Management of the musical library

One of the main features of Maker is the facility that the user has the option to enter information to an audio. Drag and drop tools help the user in this process. Information such as artist, gender, writer, rhythm, etc., are easily added to the audio. The whole process can be done, without changing the production of the musical programming.

Advanced search

With a powerful system of audio search allows the user to write just a word and find all references with this term such as songs, artists, song writers, etc.

Content block

Maker allows the user to block an audio or a group of audios, which doesn’t allow the audio to play during a certain period of time, determinated by the user and prevent that unwanted conflicts happen during the programming.


The user can set targets for an audio, standardizing the musical programming of the radio station.

Smart system for messages

A intelligent message system that uses colors and icon gives the DJ all the information needed related to conflicts and errors in the programming according to set criteria, generating more security and trust in the programing.

Dynamic Pre-listening

With the CUE option on, and clicking in the file, you’ll be able to listen to the audio instantly.

Multiple operation

Playlist Maker allows more than a user use the software at the same time, also generate the programming of more radio stations. Any change in the programming is done in real time, which guarantees security and perfect communication between the users.

Musical Suggestion

A panel with musical suggestion of one or more radio stations can be automatically generated for each week day, according to the cell and blocks selected, based on the last played songs.

Automatic Programming Generation

The whole musical programming of one or more radio stations can be automatically generate for each weekday, respecting to established parameters , respecting blocking rules, accomplishing targets and using the pre-established models to each day.

Reset the programming

Maker allows the user to reset the programming in real time. The user can either reset a block or the whole day. As resetting the block, Maker respects the established parameters.

Statistical graphics

A panel that has lots of graphic types and helps the programmers to manage and see the programming, which allows the interaction with the programmed content. A color system is used and allows a wide view of the programming.

Multiple radio station

Maker allows programming more than one radio stations with one musical library, guaranteeing economy and an efficient management of the playlists of the radio stations.


Based on new concepts of IT and using internet as a bridge, Maker Playlist allows managing and reproducing your programming, anywhere, at any moment, even using the pre-listening in real time.

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