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Commercial Playlist

Commercial is the software for the commercial operations department, developed to be so efficient and easy to use that doesn’t need any training to use it. A brief explanation of the concept of use of the software, done over phone or internet, an employ of the radio station will know how to use the software and get the best results.

But, facility in the use doesn’t mean that Commercial is simple. While it was developed, the best technologies were used to offer the best results, with small steps and no stress.

The wished simplicity, with the efficiency is based on its construction. Commercial has the same interface concept of Playlist Digital, which can be easily configured and adapted to each operator needs, creating an ideal workspace.

Into its homepage, the main information of the clients and contracts will be available into clearly and objectively. The routines can be runned easily, intuitively. The user is guided step by step as operating the resources.

The folders containing the commercials, testimonials, sweepers, news or any other audio to be aired are available to be listened or associated to the contract.

Just drag and drop the audio at the refereed contract. More than 1 audio can be dragged and the software automatically shuffle them. There’s no simpler way to put an audio into the contract!

All TAG-ID3 of the audio file can also be seen in the tab proprieties of the software.

The HTML pagse available in the software allows the full information blocks, as maps and airing comprovals, to be copied to Windows clipboard, and pasted on email editors, allowing the most different options.

More than just a Commercial Operations Department software that has complete reports, completes statistics, reports, operations, it is important to have a practical, objective and which gives results, guaranteeing agility to the radio station, simplicity and efficiency required by the business.


Hardware Recommendations

Minimum Recommendations:

• Intel Core I3 processor second generation (or higher);
• 04 gigabytes (GB) or higher of RAM;
• Hard disk at least 15 GB free for operating system free operation;
• 10/100 Mbs or 1GB PCI network card;
• Video adapter with a minimum resolution of 1024 × 768
• Windows DirectSound compatible sound card (WDM type driver);
• Keyboard and mouse.

Operational system

Playlist products work on any version of the Windows operating system (starting with Windows 7), whether 32-bit or 64-bit. We recommend: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 2008 Server.


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