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Smart Manager

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Smart Manager is the software for management and finances automation from Playlist Software Solutions. The software was built using new concepts of usability, making it easier to use, guaranteeing a real advance in productivity and executing its operation.

Through a dynamic and intuitive interface, any user can operate the software, and previous finances knowledge isn’t needed to use it. All information can be dynamically provided in its interface, its only necessary to customize the software according to the radio stations needs, besides it promotes a wide vision of all finances process through customizable reports and statistical data necessary to make decisions.

What’s more interesting on Smart Manager is that the system doesn’t need complex information for its operation. The software adapts to any kind of radio station, and brings all the characteristics needed to efficiently manage the finances and operational facilities that the clients look for, and maintaining financial data, easily promoting a big range of indispensable information at the process of managing.

Integrated with the department of Commercial Operations

The integration with the Commercial Operations department is complete. Commercial Playlist provides the Insertions Orders registered by the Commercial Operations department and Smart Manager is responsible to do the finances operations of registering the clients.

Smart Interface

The software has a dynamic operation, turning the software use really pleasant. You can customize the interface according each operator’s needs.

Entities control

You can manage all the information related to recipients and payments -scheduled and done- by the suppliers, clients and agents, easily entering register information and main data to manage the entities.

Real time information

Smart Manager show into its main interface all the statistical information needed to efficiently manage the finances of the radio station, such as: Bills to Pay X Weekly Receive; Account handling and balance; incomes and outcomes by categories and finances summary.

Bills to receive and Pay

Productive generation of bills to receive and pay. You’ll be able to submit the data of these bills at any moment, without having to make enormous registrations in the software. All the information become available as soon as the are submitted, allowing productivity like never seen before.

Rating the transactions

Through the system of categories, you’ll be able to classify the finances of the radio station, turning the management of costs, expenses and incomes easier.

Manage bank accounts

Smart Manager allows the radio station to manage all bank accounts of the radio station, also available amount, checks, credit cards, etc. You’ll be able to crate all the accounts necessary to finances management, so, the procedures become smarter and safer, with total control of the financial flux.

Smart Finances Management

An innovative system of queries and reports management turns Smart Manager into a powerful management tool, allowing the manager to have a wide vision of the finances process of the radio station anywhere through the automatic system to send information. It allows finances management anywhere, at any moment.

Customizable reports

You can customize all the reports generated by Smart Manager according to the managers needs, providing an easier way to manage and analyze the information.

Users Management

Smart Manager allows customize the operation of each user. A system to register user and Log of operation are provided, guaranteeing total control over procedures done by each user.

Data Security

Created using as database manager Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and using new tools for Backup available, Smart Manager guarantees full security on finances information of the radio station.

Multiple radio stations

Smart Manager was created to be used managing one or more radio stations, guaranteeing a better investment and a lower maintenance cost.

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