Playlist Digital

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24 hours on air, with full quality

Live or recorded programming, with quality and security. All your radio station looks for is on Playlist Digital. A software that gives your listeners the pleasure to listen to your station. On live or recorded programs, the announcer can count on the most advanced resources which allow a dynamic operation like never seen before.

Pre listening of the audio

When clicked, the audio will automatically play, on the pre listening, 5 seconds after the mixing point (plays from the beginning of the selected audio). The pre listening will be interrupted when another song become selected.

Announcing marks

Markers for the beginning or the end of music. With the introduction marker, it’s possible to get excellent switches between recorded announcing. The announcing markers help the announcer not to speak above the singer.

Sweepers, right time and temperature seals

Playlist Digital offers lots of resources. You can seal any recorded audio with a sweeper, at any point. The sealing doesn’t change the original audio, creating only a reference file between the audio and the seal. That way, the file is preserved, without reprocessing and quality loss.

The seals of right time and temperature can also be sealed with its commands, automatizing the announcing, the same way as done live.

Full view of the programming

As reviewing the programming for a weekend, for example, it is possible to know the exact time where any audio will be played. Any changes are automatically updated.

Dynamic operation over local network

Playlist Digital can be operated at any place of the same local network. So, the computer where the software is installed and connected can be preserved. You can, from your office, in your computer follow the programming and even operate Playlist Digital remotely.

Daily information, celebrities birthdays and historical dates

With Playlist Digital 5, your programming becomes more attractive, the Today guide shows the main historical and journalistic facts of the date.

Information sent to site or RDS

The information sent to the site or RDS device. With Playlist Digital 5, you can send this information through the radio stations’ website. The software sends the name of the music, singer and other audio information of the audio playing and next programed audios. The RDS integration is also available.

Live texts

Playlist Digital shows automatically the text to be read by the announcer at the time when it was programmed for, or manually selected. With this resource, a track can be selected to be associated to the text. The association of the file is done simply dragging the audio to above the text.


Playlist Digital allows each user to have a completely customized work interface, creating a better space for its stile and needs. Playlist Digital also allows establishing security levels, choosing each user’s rights and restrictions.

Full Integration

Playlist Software Solutions offers specific software to different sectors of radio stations, guaranteeing more integration between the departments. Playlist Digital also integrates itself to any other software installed at the radio station. You’ll only need a computer network to the sectors to work harmoniously.


Through a Quickstart or a shortcut key, a lot of Playlist Digital functions can be accessed in an easy way. Sweepers, right time or any other audio can be associated to a button with full control of the audio playing with full control of the audio that’ll be played.

Mini Site

With Playlist Digital, you can create a mini site to share in the intranet the draws, announcers’ times, draws results, and others.


Playlist Digital displays allows moving, removing and changing the function with a double click. They become even more attractive and it’s more practical to operate.

Automatic Programming

Another option of Playlist Digital is the automatic shuffle, a facility to the programmers. You only have to choose the style and the software picks a song to be played, using a non-repetition criteria. This resource is really useful in automated radio stations.

Audio Comments

A comment can be typed directly at any part of the audio. When the part becomes played, the comment will be shown to the announcer.


Playlist Digital can be used by any radio station, main radio stations, affiliate radio stations, web radio, and ambient sounding can be fully automatic. It’s agile at live transmissions, such as football games and journalistic news.


To make the use as editing blocks and managing by the recording studio easier, the software offers as resource to classify by icons. The user can create specific icons and customized classifications for sweepers, tracks and any other function.

24/7 Automation

Playlist Digital doesn’t need to have an operator’s presence, guaranteeing security to its clients. Choose between generate a programming or let the software do the work. You’ll just have to choose the musical gender and kind of sweepers. Playlist makes your radio station become more profitable and its listeners will have a recorded programming with the same quality as if it were live.

Audio patterns

Playlist Digital works with WAVE, MP3, WMA, AAC and OGG.

Smart Pre listening

You can listen to musics, sweepers or any other files, even with the programming on the air. That’s possible because Playlist Digital can use multiple audio devices at the same time even faster.

Make changes in the programming while playing

As the programming is playing, the user can add songs, sweepers or any other kind of audio, put markers into musics, make instant searches in the music library and ordinate the sequence. All into an easy and intuitive way.

Information of the audio playing

Online information of the audio can easily be shown at the radio stations’ website. Playlist Digital creates a XML file containing the name of the music, singer and more information of the audio. Information of the next 5 songs are also shown.

RDS – Radio Data System – integration is also available. It’s possible to show in the listeners device the name of the songs, advertisers, and others.

Dynamic pre-listening

With the CUE button on, just put the mouse above the audio to listen to it. You’ll be able to access lots of audio files, by just putting the mouse above of them.

Automatic Recovery

Playlist Digital is the most stable software available. But, as your radio station requires full quality, the software has a great solution to give you more safety. In case of system instability, another Playlist Digital is opened right away, and the listener may not even realize, without operator’s help.

Then, a detailed report of the software is generated to diagnose the cause of the problem. The report is an important tool and guarantees a fast and efficient solution, once it shows the exact moment where the instability happened. More security for your radio station and agility from the support team.

Maintaining of the original musical library

The songs are organized on folders, by musical style and with names preserved into its original form, make the management easier and turn the process intuitive and efficient. The folders can also receive special attributes, that’ll be used as criteria to a customized programming. The automatic markers system identifies new audios and analyzes each one separately, putting the ideal place of beginning and end, taking away unwanted pieces such as silence and applauses. These marks don’t change the original file, avoiding the loss of quality on the sound.

The markers allow a different mixing. As Playlist Digital also defines the ideal point of mixing, the change of songs is perfect and flawless.

Technological Evolution

Since its release, Playlist Digital does not stop evolving. The constant contact with users and the analysis of the recovery reports, allows meeting the clients’ needs faster.

Hardware Recommendations

Minimum recommendations:

• Intel i5 processor or higher;
• 4 gigabyte (GB) or HIGHER RAM memory;
• Hard disk relative to the size of the musical collection, but with at least 50 GB free for the free operation of the operating system;
• Network card 100/1000 Mbs
• Monitor 19 inches or higher;
• Windows DirectSound compatible sound card (WDM type driver);
• Keyboard and mouse.

Operating system

The software in the solutions Playlist works only on Windows platform. Not available on Linux platform.
As the computer of the Main studio (computer where the plauout Playlist Digital is installed, responsible for playing the station’s programming) is constantly accessed by the network stations, we recommend installing the operating system WINDOWS 10 PRO, windows Home server, Windows Server 2016, or 2019.
Another important factor is the use of the NTFS (NT File System) file system, which in addition to being safer is alsomore reliable, much less prone to FAILURES such AS FAT and FAT32 systems.

Why do you buy a first-rate computer?

The quality of a system depends on the quality of the hardware used. It’s no use to install a good system on a hardware that hangs, warms, or has low performance.


In any configuration, we always recommend the minimum of 4GB of RAM or according to the minimum specifications of the operating system used.

Hard Drive

Remember that the more disk space, the greater the amount of songs stored and available for programming. Always buy the disc with the highest capacity available on the market, observing a good cost-benefit ratio. The discs installed in the current equipment have sufficient performance- to discard the use of SSD disks – which cost a little more expensive, but brings performance benefits that Compensates for the investment.

Sound Cards

The Playlist Digital will work with any audio card that has updated driver for Windows and DirectX. We recommend the use of the plates below for presenting better quality in the execution of the audios.

Sound Blaster – Superior audio quality.
M-Audio – Professional audio quality, with balanced outputs, but at a slightly high cost (2 or 3 times more than a Sound Blaster), some models feature 4 input channels and 4 stereo output channels
Digigram – Idem M-Audio, with a slightly higher cost, being well regarded in the middle of broadcasting.
Yamaha sound cards among other ProFiSSIboardsare also recommended if THEY have WDM support.

How to buy?