Unlimited Plan for your radio station.

U$ 145,00 PC/month


U$ 1450,00 PC/year

Best deal

With the Premium plan your radio station receives

Activation Key

One activation key for each radio station.

Processing of one programming for each activation key.

All software

Unlimited use of all Playlist Automation Suite software in all Radio Station’s PCs.


Playlist2GO allows to use the main resources of Playlist Digital on your Tablet or Smartphone. Unlimited mobile data.


Distribute and share the whole workflow of all departments of your radio station.

Enjoy all exclusive comproval resources that only offers to your advertisers.

Client area

Total access to the client area at

Software updates

With an active Flex Plan, you will always be up to date with Playlist Automation Suite newest resources. The Updates will always be available at the Client Area.

Technical support

Technical support from 9AM to 6PM, through the call service at the client area.

Online training

Keep your team completely updated an capable of using all tools provided by Playlist Automation Suite; Through the client area, you’ll be able to schedule an online training, directly with our engineers.

Technical Support and in loco services can be performed by our local dealers and are not covered by Annual Support Plan above.

+ Frequent Asked Questions

Acquiring the Premium Plan, can I use all software in all PCs of the radio station?
Yes, the activation key of all computers will be only one, so, you’ll be able to use all software sharing all information between the departments of your radio station.

I have two FM radio stations installed in a same place, how can I use Playlist Automation Suite on Smart Plan to share data between two radio stations with different programming?
If you have two radio stations and each one has a different own programming, you can use only the Smart Plan. In this case, you’ll need one Smart Plan for one radio and a Flex Plan for the other radio station and with both Plans, share the data between the departments with its PCs activated. Each plan will have the processing and Playout of one programming.

The activation key comes in a USB device/token (dongle), how do I receive it?
Our activation key is a numerical code that you’ll receive over email, with the contract of usage license, download links and all procedures to receive technical support, right after acquiring the product. More information on how to activate your license.

For how long is the subscription Plan valid?
The signature plan is valid for a month and automatically renewed each month. You can also choose an annual subscription, where you can save up to 20% compared to the monthly subscription. Choosing the annual plan, it’ll be also automatically renewed.

What do I have to do to cancel the monthly subscription plan?
It is really easy. Just head over to the client area and cancel the subscription plan.

If I cancel the subscription plan, can I continue to use Playlist Automation Suite?
No, as you cancel, the last payment will be received and you’ll be able to use the system for 30 days, and then, it stops working automatically.

How do I know if there are updates available for Playlist software?
If you’re a Playlist Client and has an active plan, you’ll be notified over e-mails and messages exhibited on the software. Push notifications are also available to those who use Playlist apps. The new versions of the acquired software are available to download in Client Area.

For how long does the support and updates plan is valid?
While the subscription is valid, the radio station receives all benefits of Playlist support and all available updates.

How does the support works in the call services?
It’s very simple, just access the client area at and click in the link New Call. You must describe your doubt or problem and a Playlist engineer will be answering the call. The service works from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (GTM-3). You’ll be notified about this call over the email registered in the Client Area

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