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Fighting piracy

 . Fighting piracy

How to prevent

How to identify the legitimacy of the Digital Playlist.

Where to buy:

Before purchasing a license for any Playlist Solutions product, make sure that the seller is authorized to market the software and require the purchase invoice. The names of the authorized sales agents and technical representatives can be found on the main page of this website at the bottom.

Legal guarantees:

In Brazil, the regularity of the use of computer programs is done through the contract of assignment of use, according to Chapter IV, article 9, Law No. 9.609, of February 19, 1998.

Art. 9º – The use of a computer program in the Country will be subject to a license agreement. Single paragraph. In the event of non-existence of the contract referred to in the caput of this article, the tax document regarding the acquisition or licensing of a copy will serve to prove the regularity of its use.

Click here to read Law 9,609 in its entirety.

Do not take risk:

The use of software without the authorization of the Author is a crime, with a penalty of six months to two years imprisonment and a fine for those who use it, and from one to four years of imprisonment and a fine for those who sell.

If you purchased a license from another person or company, other than the Playlist Solutions or registered sales representatives and technical representatives, you are probably using an unauthorized installation.

For any Digital Playlist, Playlist Maker, Commercial Playlist or Digital Censorship installed, there must be a signed license agreement, issued by Playlist Solutions or by Ronney Barcelos Guimarães, authorizing the use.

Click here and see the ways to contact Playlist Solutions to regulate your situation.