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About Playlist

 . About Playlist

Playlist Software Solutions was created at 1995, as one of the main companies that develop radio broadcast applications.
Our goal is to build reliable, innovative and easy to use software.

We want to be in touch with our clients. Working with brilliant minds of radio industry gets us to develop products that will meet their needs. That´s why we are always here to receive suggestions and new ideas.

Today, more than 2000 radio stations worldwide use our software on their daily routine, providing their listeners a great experience and new smooth content.
Our success is boosted by the team of engineers, technics and managers and their unflagging focus on innovative software, guarantee that that your broadcast product, your programming, be of an flawless and foolproof quality. That´s why, every day we try to create new resources that´ll give to our clients all we´ve learned from:

– 30 years of software development;
– Frequent searches;
– Great relationship with clients;
– Having great providers of IT technologies and broadcasting services as partners.

Our main product is Playlist Automation Suite, an integrated system to each department, that can be installed as a Stand-Alone solution or workflow and blended, adapting to every kind of broadcast, no matter if it is an small indoor radio, web radio, or a large group with lots of stations. That´s only possible because our projects are developed using C++, which allows building stable and versatile software, capable to meet the station’s needs.

Our clients are happy with the software, for receiving the most advanced and reliable out there, supported by a great team that´s available 24/7. That´s why they can rely on us. That´s the best advertising for us, and that promotes us everywhere.

Playlist Software Solutions, your station always on air.