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Playlist Solutions presents Aires, an innovative platform made up of web applications and services


Aires Studio

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+55 31 2136-2929

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Studio Computer:
Windows 10 e conectado a uma internet Fibra Ótica

Telephone for conection;
Motorola ONE, conectado no 4G TIM


Formed by softwares and web services

Aires Studio

Virtual console that can be
used in different models
of studios.

Aires Reporter

APP used by reporters and correspondents for transmitting flashes and event coverage..

Aires Cloud

Web service used for storage,
sync, and content


More than a virtual console or
a tool for the reporter

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Rua Cristóvão Colombo – 45Cidade Nobre, Ipatinga/MG CEP 35162-362

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    Since 1995, Playlist Software Solutions stands out in the broadcasting scenario as one of the main companies developing software for automation of radio stations. Our mission is to develop reliable, innovative and easy-to-operate software.Today, we have more than 2000 broadcasters in all regions of Brazil and Latin America, using the Playlist softwares in their daily work routines, providing their listeners with harmonious and unprecedented content. All this success is driven by our team of engineers , technicians and managers and their relentless focus on delivering innovative, safe and productive software, ensuring that the program’s product, its programming, is of impeccable and infallible quality. Therefore, every day we seek to create new resources and transfer to our customers all know-how acquired with:

    • 30 years experience in computer programming;
    • Frequent searches;
    • Partnerships with the world’s leading providers of information and broadcasting
    • Constant relationship with customers;

    We are proud of the high level of customer satisfaction and the most advanced and reliable products on the market, all backed by a fully trained support team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The contentment of our customers is our best advertisement because they are who promote our brand worldwide.Playlist Software Solutions, your radio always up in the air!