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Logger 2.0

 . Logger 2.0

A porwerful software for recording and streaming audio over internet

It has a complet set of tools, allowing to record, listem and streamm using multiple fonts of audio, over multiple devices, such as desktops, tablets and smart phone

Get to know each resource of the software

of multiple
audio fonts

Record any audio coming from a radio station or any other form 24/7,
in multiple bit rates taxes, using local fonts as receptors, consoles or
online streaming. Logger is the only one that offers this possibility.


Stream audios to shout cast or Ice cast 24/7 at
the wanted quality, getting the audio from a console
or receptor or even audio from streaming.


With this resource, you’ll be able to specify days of the week, periods and times for recording. Logger does that automatically. Schedule the recording of your favorite program, shows, news program, etc, without having to record the whole programming and listen whenever you want.

Full Aircheck

Make the aircheck how and when you want of the content that was recorded on Logger. The timeline of Logger 2.0 offers all the information, such as date, time, name of the audio, events, which makes it practical to search, navigate, reproduce and download of the wanted audio. Besides, its possible to listen to the programming live, as its aired.


Access all the available content recorded at any mobile device: Smart phone, tablet, laptop, at any play, at any time. Aircheck, listen and share all the recording, validation reports, the most played tracks and others.

Easy to configure
and use

The whole process of IP and Ports configuration is automatic. As soon as the download and installation of the software is done, it is ready to use. Just configure the audio fonts and the system starts recording.

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Installation Requirements

• Processor: Intel Core I3 5th gen or higher;
• RAM: 8 GB;
• Operating System: Windows 10 or higher;
• Firewall: full permission to access the HTTP port;
• Web Browser: Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera;
• Free disk space for minimal quality AACP recordings (8 kbps): 60 Gb / month;
• Free disk space for minimal quality MP3 recordings (8 kbps): 55 Gb / month.

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