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What is Playlist PAS Pack?

It’s an update of software and services offered by Playlist Software Solutions, which guarantees that the radio station will have direct access to the engineers through the call system (message exchange) in commercial time from 9AM to 6PM (GTM-3), besides access to new Playlist Automation Suite software versions which have license of use.

Why acquire Playlist PAS Pack?

Acquiring PAS, your radio station will have access to our technical support, besides using all technological innovation implemented on Playlist software, guaranteeing quality on the services provided by your radio station.

Besides the new software versions, are there other benefits offered by PAS:

  •  Complete access to the client area over the website .
  • Free technical support over the client area through a calls system
  • Online Technical and Operational training of your team.
  • New Software versions: During the period of a year, after the acquisition of the software, your radio will receive the all technological innovations of the acquired software, as soon as released to the users over the Client Area at Playlist Website.
  • Access to TOCOU.COM: The clients receive, for free, while have a valid PAS Pack, a complete access to the services available at

Don’t have access to the client area, how to get it?

It’s really easy, just go to, click in the button Client area and do the procedures to continue the register.

How do I know if there are updates available for Playlist software?

If you’re a Playlist Client and has an active plan, you’ll be notified over e-mails and messages exhibited on the software. Push notifications are also available to those who use Playlist apps. The new versions of the acquired software are available to download in the client area.

The migration from other existing products or even not released software is not covered by PAS. Playlist Digital 3.8 and Playlist Digital 5, and even Logger and Logger 2.0, or others are considered different products, the same as software that’ll be released.

The value of Playlist PAS Pack is calculated according to the number of licenses of Playlist Software that the radio station have. The value is US$ 295.00/year. EG: If your radio station has 3 licenses, the annual value will be 3 x US$ 295.00= US$ 885.00.

I only have Logger 2.0, do I need to subscribe to PAS?

Yes, it’s important that your software be always up-to-date, and you’ll have direct contact with our engineers to clarify the doubts, technical adjustment and online training.

If I don’t renew PAS, do I lose the licenses I bought?

No, PAS renew do not interfere on your contract, that has no expiration date. If you do not renew your PAS, your license will keep working with the last update available when PAS subscription finished. Not renewing it, you won’t be able to receive updates and services provided by the plan.

Bought a product and didn’t renew PAS for the last two years. Will I pay for the time I wasn’t a subscriber?

No. You’ll only pay for this year and receive all benefits of PAS for a whole another year.

How to buy?