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Feel free to choose Aires according to the needs of your radio station. (Aires Studio and Aires Lite in lifetime purchase options) and monthly subscription (SUBSCRIPTION)

Lifetime (LIFETIME) licensing does not expire, includes the free version for one year and 24/7 premium technical support from the date of purchase.

The monthly subscription option (SUBSCRIPTION) of Aires Studio and Aires Lite includes the free version and premium technical support 24/7 while the subscription plan is active.


                                       Review the comparison table before making the transaction, so you can make the correct purchase as per your needs. See also the equipment needed to use Aires in your studio.

Click the button below to make the purchase or subscription via Credit Card or PayPal. Aires Studio and Aires Lite values are expressed in US dollars and their purchase or subscription is carried out according to the exchange rate on the day of the transaction.


Premium support  24/7

NDI feature support 

OBS Studio and Vmix integration 

Cameras and scenes control

VoIP system integration


Aires channels to remote conection

Total Mixer Tracks (Faders) Actives

External monitoring input

IN/OUT connection with analog and digital devices

Exclusive Output to monitor, phones and CUE

User profile memory

Plugins VST3 support

CODEC embeded on the aplication

 AAC, MP3 and OPUS recorder

Add TAGS in recorder events

Pair device system

Quickstart panel

productin and

destrebuction system of PODCAST

Contents sync with pair devices

Aires Reporter

Aires Cloud


PC, MAC, tablets ANDROID e IPAD installable



First year

First year

A, B, C








First year

First year









Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription

A, B, C 








Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription







Aires Studio or Lite, which is the best option for my broadcaster?

Aires is available in two versions Aires Studio and Aires Lite. For each version of the product, you have the option to purchase a license, called a LIFETIME license, or a monthly subscription called a SUBSCRIPTION.

The Aires Studio version is complete and you will have access to all the features of the software. Already the lite version is limited in resources and also cheaper, more advanced features were eliminated from this version such as: NDI, PGM BUS B and C, etc., in order to meet the basic demands of a radio studio and broadcast a audio content.

You can refer to the comparative table of versions and purchase options.

Before opting for the purchase or subscription, you can also carry out an evaluation of the product as a whole. All you need to do is join the Playlist Experience program, membership is free of charge. During your participation in the Playlist Experience program, in addition to evaluating the product, you will also be in a process of evaluating our relationship services and 24/7 technical support.

I want to participate in the Playlist Experience program

What are the options for purchasing Aires?

Playlist Solutions makes Aires available in two ways to purchase, this includes a Lifetime License option (LIFETIME) or a Subscription License option (SUBSCRIPTION).

Lifetime license: This license is acquired through a single payment and you have the right to use the purchased version for an indefinite period, whether Aires Studio or Aires Lite.

This purchase mode includes 12 months of free version updates from the date of purchase. After the one-year free upgrade period has expired, if you wish to upgrade to a newly released eligible version, you can purchase a Support and Upgrade Plan (PAS). With this active plan, your license has been extended by another 12 months of free version updates. In addition to the upgrade your license has 24/7 premium support. Otherwise, you do not need to purchase PAS and can continue using Aires until the version you activated indefinitely.

Know in detail all the benefits of the Pas Upgrade and Support Plan

Subscription License: Two monthly subscription options are also available: Aires Studio and Aires Lite. In this licensing mode, a monthly charge is made according to the option of the chosen version, Aires Studio or Aires Lite ( See comparative table).

The Monthly Subscription Model includes free version updates and 24/7 technical support for the duration of the subscription. Monthly the subscription is renewed so your license receives all the benefits of the active plan.

The subscription license may be canceled at any time, respecting the period of 30 days in advance. When the subscription ends, the license is automatically inactivated, as well as all the benefits added to the license, so you can no longer use it.

If you want to reactivate the license, you must opt ​​for a new subscription.

What is the process for acquiring Aires?

Aires Studio or Aires Lite is a digital purchase only. Soon after the acquisition process is completed, you will receive a link to download the software and a product license number. No physical dongle or accessories will be shipped.

To activate the license, follow the steps below:

Open Aires Studio and on the login screen click on the activate button;
On the next screen, two options will appear: “I HAVE A LICENSE NUMBER” and “ACTIVATE WITH MY PLAYLIST ACCOUNT”


When activating this option, you must enter the license number manually.
After informing the license number, your Aires will be ready to work.


When selecting this option, you must inform the username and password of the Aires account created.
A screen will be displayed with the broadcasters that the informed account has access to
Select a broadcaster. After selecting the correct station, the license number will be displayed, compare it to the one received and click on the correct number.
After confirming the license, your Aires will be ready to work.

Please note that Aires requires a computer, internet and peripherals that meet the minimum requirements below:

Aires requirements

Purchases can be made directly from the Playlist Store, through an authorized distributor, or through a purchase order made with one of our sales executives. To place a purchase order (order), click here.

If you wish, you can also purchase or subscribe to the license through a reseller. Click here for the list of authorized resellers.

Do you need a formalized quotation?
Please click here and fill in the sales, one of our business executives will be in touch with you.

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