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Automation Suite

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Automation Suite is an integrated system for radio stations automation. With innovative solutions for each department, it makes the whole process of production, management and playout more productive and secure. Containing the modules Playlist Digital, Maker, Audie, Commercial, Smart Manager e Logger, the product stands out for its ease of installation and maintenance, as well as the productivity of its tools, fitting to any type of radio station.

In each license acquired you will have:

Playlist Digital  – Complete automation of air studio, which provides to your listeners the pleasure of listening to your station. On live or recorded broadcasts, the broadcaster can count on the most advanced resources that allows a dynamic operation like never seen before.

Logger 2.0

Logger 2.0 – Is a powerful software for recording and streaming audio over internet. Its set of tools is the most complete available, because it allows record, listen, auditing and send streaming using multiple fonts of audio, over multiple devices such as desktops, tablets and smart phones.

Logger Manager

Logger Manager – Easily access all of your station broadcasting from Logger Manager, a software built with the more advanced features, providing a productive and innovative platform to check and comprove your station broadcasted media.